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A premium Brand is your sustainable competitive advantage and your Force multiplier. Let us upgrade your Brand, build trust and scale infinitely!


In the early 90's the internet changed the world to what it is today. Through years of experience, we have been involved in branding and domain names since the internet's creation. Our company has a vast experience in helping online businesses and start up’s achieve brand success with acquiring their perfect brand names.

Purchase Process

Once a deal has been agreed on your desired domain name the following steps to complete the purchase process are very simple. 

All of our domain names come with a free luxury logo. You will sign a contract to purchase the domain name, followed by making authorised payments through escrow.com or dan.com. We will help you with full guidance. 

Once payment is complete you will choose a transfer process and from there the domain name moves into your entity. After that stage, the transaction is complete and we thank you for your business.

Transfer Process

There are a number of options when it comes to the transfer process of your domain name. 

If you would like the name instantly, we can set up the process so the domain name is pushed to your own account and the current registrar. This option is an instant transfer and you will see the domain name in your account on the same day.

If you already keep your domain names at a certain registrar and would like to keep all your domain names there, we can transfer the name to your desired registrar. Please note that this process can take up to 5 days unless the registrar of choice has a fast transfer process.

If you would like to learn more about the transfer/push process of a domain name, please click this ICANN article for further reading.

ICANN is the regulatory body for the internet, globally.